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November 28, 2018

December 10th, 7. May 11th, , I move a lot between my house and the boyfriend’s apartment as well as relatives houses so it’d be nice to have a carrying option for those occasions or say if I want to work somewhere else like the library. I am wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with this tablet and can tell me if it’s decent or not? December 9th, 3. I wouldnt buy it. Those are not done for creating art.

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Hide this ad by registering as a member November 2nd, 2. I think there’s one from Sony Sony Slate I think it’s called that has wacom digitization tech, but still a little out of my price range!

Wacom Cintiq 15x Pl-550-12 15″ Touchscreen LCD Tablet Graphics

December 10th, 8. Those are not done for creating art. Interacting with the screen, the stylus takes advantage of the levels of pressure sensitivity and the 1,line-per-inch resolution to create realistic pen, brush, and airbrush strokes.

I hope this info helps out anyone else who might be hunting for a Cintiq! Don’t worry, it happens! What kills the 12 incher, Despite it technically being more portable than its 21 inch brother Artists Available for Work! Yeah if they made a pressure sensitive tablet computer, that’d be great! There are no members to list at the moment. A change of scenery is nice every now and again! If you can ciintiq having less pressure, a Tablet PC would serve as great supplement.


Comparatively if you were to just use a laptop with a regular intuos4 or Bamboo, you just plug the tablet cintiiq and provided how good the battery life on the laptop is, you’d be all set.

I wonder how much of a difference this might make? We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page.

December 9th, 3. I wanted to follow up on my post and say that I made a decision!

I am also a traditional artist transitioning over to digital art and the transition has been a rough one so far, even with a good tablet. I am wondering if anyone has any first hand experience with this tablet and can tell me if it’s decent or not? I’d also like to reduce wear and tear on the box it came in just in case I want to resell it later if Contiq should upgrade.

Does anyone use the Wacom Cintiq? The Best Password Managers of Creating one strong password that you can remember is hard enough; doing I don’t plan to run marathons with it, but I do plan to carry cintuq from the car to wherever so a bag would be nice!

This makes it ideal for resting on your lap, and at just over 9 pounds the Cintiq 15X will be as comfortable to use as a laptop. Though I’m open to suggestions if anyone’s found a specific brand that will do the same? Any input you guys could provide would be most helpful! The most useful vid I found was this one: I’m mainly surprised there isn’t a cheaper carrying case option out there besides a generic laptop bag with as many artists use this equipment.

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Though I understand this particular model of Cintiq has half the pressure sensitivity of my Intuos3. The 12WX already has the same amount of pressure levels of the Intuos3 I had, so I knew the cijtiq would be similar.

And like the PL, it removes the problem of trying to make artistic strokes on a tablet and hoping they appear quite right on-screen: Happy hunting to you!

Wacom Cintiq 15x Pl 15″ Touchscreen LCD Tablet Graphics | eBay

Took me six tries and use of a sniping tool justsnipe. When you fill in your registered email address, you will be sent instructions on how to reset your ciniq. December 9th, 5.