February 18, 2019

Are landfills crammed with old Epson printers? Common sense would tell you, that if you only use it once in a while, the ink will dry up in the nozzles. Can anyone give advice? I had just replaced blk day before problem and cartridge seems struck. Maybe it’s time to look for a new Cannon printer.

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Epson recommended shipping to repair.

This error message began after I replaced the empty blue cardtrige. HALF the problem is solved thankfully to your posting.

Well I have about 14 new cartridges and dang if I was going to dump them. I replaced the color inks several times with Epson ink and black ink with generic.

What you should do is download the SSC utility which is mentioned times on this forum and reset it. The the printer get a loud noise. And look in the gutter under the sponge. When a color gets low a light comes on to illuminate that specific cartridge.

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Paul, You just saved my marriage of 41 years. You don’t want more than a couple of drops per ml or you’ll corrode the inkjet nozzles. Any styuls must be received within 30 days of good being despatched. Comes with nice photo software. The printer estimates how much ink is supposed to be in it by the number of cleaning cycles and gives you the message.


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Had years of trouble free printing, then got the “Printer error – call for service message” Used your solution, worked like a dream. The tube from the ink tray becomes detached from the tube feeding the pump. I expected it to c66600 a little longer, but I should have known better. The printer behaves correctly during the resetting procedure, but in the end it still won’t squirt ink.

I guess for most of users, the alert message comes far earlier than a reasonable replacement timing. Reconnect using a needle nose pliers. Then I lost red. Truth is they soak up very little ink.

After they performed the Good quality printer This printer was not new and the printheads are clogged.

For a home printer I feel it is stylks good quality and as a beginner I was able to f igure out how to use it without too much difficulty. Happy New Year Re: I had just replaced blk day before problem and cartridge seems struck.


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Your contract is with: My cx won’t print from any source. I have a similar problem, however my Epson CX has stopped just printing the color ink, the black works fine. The printer is heavier, quieter and certainly more user friendly than any of my HP’s or this last Epson. The error message is displayed because the ink-absorbent pad is nearly full. The delivery time on K-Bins is quoted as working days.

I have one of these printers and wanted to buy another. Continue Shopping Tell a Friend. Other than speed it seems to be a fine low usage, home type of printer. Wasted hours on this!!!