April 9, 2019

Supported Film – TPU. LomoAmigo Mirella Cardoso talked to us about how she found herself in her own photographs when she started taking self-portraits. Take your lenses off as we celebrate World Pinhole Day! Find out how to share your story here. If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here. I always wonder what’s the “correct” way of scanning my films.

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I scanned flat art from the flatbed then loaded up 35mm negatives and everything scanned perfectly, sharp clean and clear.

Epson Perfection V500 Photo Scanner

Some of the articles are very specific Epson reviews. Some scratches on the outside but none on the inside.

Two other things – 1 I was having an issue with my film curling the long way in my Digitaliza, so I now flatten my film out under some books before scanning – – and 2 I use some cardboard along one edge of the scanner to keep the Digitaliza straight. There are no scratches, scuffs or cracks on the surface glass. Great artical, well written and very helpful. Caution when updating to MacOS Mojave What a wonderfully detailed guide.


Epson Perfection V / GT-X – for better Scans, buy SilverFast Scanner Software

It just slides out of the top. We want to hear from you about your journey in analogue. Return back to support options for Epson Perfection V Photo.

Could you help me? Gonna try it with you instructions, thank you very much! You have been SO, SO helpful in explaining everything! Is it a combination of auto-Levels and auto-contrast? For what it’s worth Great article, great job!! For more information on how Epson treats your personal data, please read our Privacy Information Statement.

Some pictures are like overexposed, altough they aren’t on the paper photos from the lab: If you would like to register as an Epson partner, please click here.

Do you have a favourite Lomography or analogue camera that changed the way you take photos? Register now We respect your privacy. Supported Operating Systems Supported Features.

Let’s do our own scanning! Epson V · Lomography

Ask a question Reset. Thanks PepperB I can now scan my negatives with out having to read through all those darned instructions! You can unsubscribe at any time with a click on the link provided in every Epson newsletter. NYC based photographer Christopher Logan is well known for his unique way of capturing the fashion scene from around the globe on film.


SilverFast 8 supports Photoshop Elements 8 to I am heavy into retouching and restoration of photos as it is a sizable part of my photo business.

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The application is not recognising them as slides and doesn’t give me the option of choosing the document type so I’m unable to select them as colour positive film. I’m planning to buy one, but this does make my decision easier.