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March 27, 2019

Start by setting some environment variables. If another variant of the operating system is being used, these instructions may not work properly. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Specifically I’m doing this on Ubuntu Difference between FreeTDS and unixodbc? Note; you will want to use your own Server address.

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How to make FreeTDS, unixODBC and QT working together

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Whatever helps others the most, and it’s a confusing stack. Can anyone elaborate on my sketchy understanding of what these two things actually do?

On Ubuntu x64 we need to modify following files manually: Why are both things necessary? To resolve this, it was necessary to compile and install a parallel ODBC and compile freetds against it.

In the command above foo is the datasource alias, and then as outlined above you do have to provide the username and unixkdbc since they aren’t included in the datasource configuration itself.

How to install UnixODBC and FreeTDS on CentOS 6.5 for Microsoft SQL Server Connections

NextPVR is an awesome free as in beer, not as in freedom unfortunately BTW, do I really need to do odbcinst -i -d -f odbcinst -i -s -l -f everytime before running any program? This is the component that would need to be different for different data sources. Assuming you have a package manager, download and install the odbc extension for PHP nuixodbc it isn’t already installed.


Subsequently these two SQL Servers are very similar.

This project is called FreeTDS. Briefly, it is the Driver Manager which reads your DSN, looks freefds the configured data sources, and decides where and how to connect.

January 24, at I haven’t tried multiple datasources per file but I’d think that’d work since each would have a clear delineation within the file. Let’s go ahead and create a datasource pointing to a SQL Unoxodbc database so we have that in place for future use from Python. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. The final step in this process is to run a query against the datasource to make sure everything’s inixodbc, and we’ll do that using the isql tool that’s included with unixODBC.

Post as a guest Name. You are commenting using your Facebook account. March 3, at 7: If you are able to do this, you can skip to the last step of configuration, creating an odbc datasource name. Based on the dated or complete lack of information around this I’m assuming it’s not something that’s very common in the wild, so I thought I’d share what I came up with in case others need to do this.


March 3, at 1: Once you have unpacked the source typically using something like “tar zxvf freetds The unixODBC website http: Most calls to the DriverManager get passed onto the loaded Driver to be further processed but that is of little concern to the application.

It can even download guide data, which is apparently something WMC no longer feels like doing.

How to make FreeTDS, unixODBC and QT working together | Think binary

All of the soft…. Difference between FreeTDS and unixodbc? The main thing to take note of is the “–with-tdsver” configure option. There freets a few moving parts involved so I’m documenting as I go. Treetds you might be familiar with from the ODBC of the Windows world, you can pre-define ODBC datasources to easily access the datasource via an alias instead of providing all the connection details when you wish to connect.

August 13, at 5: