January 20, 2019

Use this button to enter symbols for the e-mail address. Gently put the Tray 6 high capacity back into position. Set the setting value. Common Settings Enable during Auto Paper Only when [Auto] is selected for [Paper Supply], the machine automatically selects a tray containing appropriate paper. Select trays used as the body pages tray and the covers tray in which paper of the same size with landscape is loaded. Unable To Send E-mail

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Reply To setting Address For Reply You can specify the value within the range from 64 to KB in 32 KB increments. Basic Copying 1 Sided Makes a copy of a 2-sided document on apeoxport side of the paper.

For information on secure print operations, refer to the print driver’s help. Features Overview Proxy Server and Port Number The following describes proxy server settings and a port number required for this service.

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort 450 I Manuals

Print Driver To print apeospor from your computer, a print driver must be installed on the computer. Scan Options Always On The document image is automatically rotated so that the orientation of the document matches that of the paper. For information on the certificate, refer to the Network Administrator Guide.


When the user information xerxo by the remote accounting service is updated, that information must be sent from the remote accounting service to the machine. Inform the sender of the settings. Telephone Line Connectors Name on the Name on the Alphanumeric Displays alphanumeric characters.

Delete Deletes the selected document from the public mailbox. Send Options Furthermore, notify the recipient of the following information for using the F Code method to receive e-mail from the mailbox.


Output Size You can select from 7 paper sizes. Symptom Cause Remedy The machine is Is the reset button or power Turn the reset button and power switch on. Grip the lever as shown in the figure to pull out the staple cartridge to the right towards you. Add paper according to the displayed instructions. Unable to Print Follow the procedure below if you cannot print a document. Using Pdf Direct Print No printing at the primary relay station Primary Relay Station ID The address number for the initiating station registered at the primary relay station.

Select [Address Search Directory Service. Action Select an image quality type appropriate for the document. For information on the input method, refer to “Entering Text” P.

Gently put the Tray 6 high capacity back into position. Page 17 Appendix On-hook Dialing The following describes how to apeosporg a call with the receiver on-hook.


Fuji Xerox ApeosPort 450 I Photocopier

Page Cleaning the Machine Pull up the knob on the left cover of the document feeder, and open the document feeder cover completely. Unable to Scan with the Machine Following the procedure below if you cannot scan with the machine.

Text quality [0] Default: As one example, scanned documents can now be transmitted directly to servers in a network and sent via email without using a PC. Fuji Xerox plans to continually enhance the Apeos lineup in the future. Scan Options Select [Original Size].

Fuji Xerox ApeosPort I Manuals

Communication Mode apeopsort System Settings Relay Station Setup When the machine is used as a relay station in a relay broadcast, select whether or not to certify the registered address number as an initiating station for the relay broadcast. If the document size is larger than any possible paper sizes, select the largest paper.

To get the active coordinate area, subtract exrox area set in paper margins from the ACA obtained in the area determination mode.