October 23, 2019

It works just as fast as my wired LAN connection. Signal strength has also fluctuated between “low,” “good,” and “very good. The card connected on this second attempt. Network cards like these do not get any simpler to use. It is the same model except it has been updated.

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Please enter a question. Sure I installed it on a desktop that isn’t going anywhere, but hey – one less wire under my feet I have shut down and turned the computer back on several times and each time upon booting up the card has flawlessly connected to my network without any further input from me.

I don’t really download a lot of big video files, but what I do download seems to open as quick, if not quicker, than when I was hardwired to the router. One last piece of advice, if you run into a problem when doing your install, only call Linksys as a last, desperate resort.

I’ve looked around on various boards to see if anyone had a solution to the problem so often described with this product where you see a message “A wireless connection is available”, and the SSID shows up as an available network, but then you can’t connect to linksye. I followed the instructions and had no problems at all. Instead, the correct approach is to first power down, then install the hardware, then power wireles and then let Windows recognize the device as new hardware.


Works with windows 7 64 bit Does not come like the one pictured, product arrived as a low profile card which I think is better since it allows better airflow in your case.

The quick installation guide implies Windows XP will detect the card and set it up automatically.

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The root cause was that the router was on one channel 6 I believeand the WMP55G cards at least when you install the new driver defaults to channel It took two attempts before the card was able to connect to the network.

This is exactly what had occurred when I had installed the Linksys PCMIA card in that old notebook, making the set up somewhat problematic and time consuming while I had to play with its unfamiliar settings.

I believe that any sort of RF problem might cause a similar symptom This is the second one I own. If you don’t believe ME, then do yourself a favor and Google around first.

Wm5p4gs than that glitch, the device is entirely recommended.

I see no issues with the card for installation in a Windows 7 box, no issues for speed, no issues for reliability. Everything worked fine with encryption turned off.

Download Linksys WMP54G Wireless-G PCI Adapter n/a

Linksys really struck out with this garbage. Once I got all the channels synced up, it was fine. I would recommend that if you purchase this card follow the instructions provided by Linksys.

Linksys gets high grades from me for its hardware, but an “F” for tech support. It showed a strong signal and the funny thing is that for the few minutes that the Linksys card was connected it was reading a weak signal from 5 feet away from the router.


Signal strength has also fluctuated between “low,” “good,” and “very lknksys. The antenna is adjustable and is removable for those of you wondering. The WRT54G’s channel number assuming you’re using the linksys router is on the wreless tab on it’s web interface. The included wired equivalent protection WEP is an outdated protocol within the Network cards like these do not get any simpler to use. I tried moving the card’s antenna around at the back of the computer to see if it would make a difference on signal strength, but I don’t think antenna placement has any effect.

Also make sure your router’s firmware is up to date. You can manage the device and its settings using Windows via the path: With a PCI card, not only have I cut out the USB middleman, the detachable antenna also gives me the option to use specific antennas that can increase the distance and quality of my wireless reception.

Again, a word of advice: Install was smooth, the performance as best as I could expect, maxed for my connection limits.